Excerpt from Good Times – Vine & Dine, Tuesday December 11, 2012 – Written By Josie Cowden

Perfection Chris Nelson makes the most amazing toffee candy. Nelson was in Deluxe Foods of Aptos giving out samples and I tried all three of Original, Coffee, and Raspberry—and they are totally addictive and delicious. All Nelson’s confections are handmade and with the best ingredients such as Guittard chocolate and Mauna Loa macadamia nuts—and it is gluten free, too. Available in Deluxe Foods, Jones & Bones in Capitola, and various stores in the Bay Area.

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This stuff is bloody well good – you’ve gotta try it!!

Mary – Watsonville, CA

Outrageously Good. I couldn’t stop eating it.

Josie – Food & Wine Specialist – Aptos, CA

I think the toffee melds perfectly with raspberry in a sweet blend! 🙂

Marcelo – Piedmont, CA

One of the most astonishing flavors I’ve ever tasted. (Dark Chocolate w/ Raspberry)

Alliee – CA

The Raspberry flavor is now etched in my brain w/ pinot noir. Pick your favorite pinot and sleep in heaven tonight w/ this heavenly toffee. Sleep Well.

Doug – Watsonville, CA

The best toffee out there! Definitely made with love from Christine! 🙂

Kamille – San Jose, CA

To Die For!!

Janet – Aptos, CA

Raspberry is Ridiculously Good!

Nicki – Capitola, CA

It’s Sexy

Monica – Aptos, CA

Super High Class

Peter – Oakland, CA

Best I Ever Tasted

SheShe – Piedmont, CA



Elan – Oakland, CA

Great Toffee, WORTH THE CALORIES!!!!!

Ira L. Meyer – Executive Chef
Draeger’s Market – Pacifica, CA

That’s the best toffee I have ever had in my life.

David Subocz – Santa Cruz, CA


I love the complexity of the raspberry and all the layered flavors.

Sam – San Ramon, CA


“Incredible” Best I ever had!

Chris – San Pablo, CA


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